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Petite Events and the DMC Scenario

Petite Events is one of Malta’s freshest and most innovative Destination Management Companies (DMC), a staunch company that offers dynamically innovative professional services, possessing extensive local knowledge, together with impeccable expertise and resources, specializing in the design and implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation as well as programme logistics.

With over 20 years of cumulative experience in the business, Petite Events illustriously offers ground services based on local knowledge of the Maltese Islands. These services include but are certainly not limited to hotel or other accommodation, various modes of transportation services, conference venues and meetings, incentive activities, team building activities, themed events, gala dinners, lunches or dinners in restaurants or at other locations and excursions.

In today’s scenario of online bookings, where everything is booked and bought expeditiously, while racing against the clock, nothing can triumph over the personal attention and thorough, complete service you can get from a reliable destination management company. But the question remains – Why should your company use the services of a DMC? If you are an industrious professional who strives for the perfect end result and relishes attention to detail in every meeting you are responsible for, you also know that sometimes it is not possible for you to look after everything due to time constraints, be it because the meeting is in another country, the meeting is too large or due to lack of ground/convention staff to assist. It is in such situations that the services offered by a DMC are much appreciated. A DMC will always represent you, your goals and objectives when dealing with local suppliers, always striving to bring you the best product at the most reasonable price.

The DMC is specialized in creating ideas for different events, teambuilding activities and other challenging situations, and is always up-to-date with new venues and other potential places for an event. A reliable destination management company has got an established, positive rapport with local suppliers and in turn this gives them the key to provide the best quality and service to the end client. Needless to say, having one DMC to take care of all the issues when organizing an event or a conference means having just one payment contact, as well as one company to keep everything in line…ultimately, a weight off your shoulders and let us not forget, a massive time saver.

Other value added services that a trustworthy DMC will provide include: Planning and logistical management of all elements for the group, including timelines for all events so as to ensure a smooth and successful execution of the programme, weather considerations, potential street traffic or closures, event permits, timing requirements and safety concerns; a superlative service level, ensuring all elements of the programme meet and even exceed the customer’s expectations; optimal supplier management by maintaining a good rapport with suppliers through effective communication, thus securing accurate and timely business; detailed accounting showing structured charges to the client as well as documentation of all last minute, or on-site programme additions; extensive programme design, where the destination management staff evaluates venues suited to a particular group, incorporates complementing themes into the programme, implements corporate branding whenever possible, brings into play activities consistent with conference goals, selects appropriate entertainment for the group objectives and last but not least showcases unique elements of the destination the group will be visiting.

When choosing a company to look after your destination management, it is important to look out for a few elements that will make sure you are making the right choice.

The first thing is to make sure that the DMC is specialized in the location you have chosen. A way to confirm this is to look for sample programmes and references to past projects related to the destination and area you have chosen, so as to get a feel for what that particular DMC can offer.

Misunderstandings are apt to happen in any scenario, between anyone. When planning an important event or conference, it is imperative to keep potential misunderstanding at a bare minimum, so it is of utmost importance that a destination management company staff can fluently speak and write in the clients native language.  One way to make sure you and the DMC are on the same page is to give them a call, and hear them firsthand. Then, you can put your mind at rest that you have taken the right decision, with staff who can truly understand you and your every idea for the event.

Last but not least, what better way to make sure your DMC is truly the best one for you? Client references on past projects are a strong and meaningful tool that new potential clients will find useful to out their mind at rest. So take a look at what our clients have to say about us!

What kind of events are possible in Malta?

Just close your eyes and visualize golden coloured sand under your feet…..gently getting between your toes and making you sink ever so slightly into the sand, the fragrance of the sea and the slight suntan tingle reminding you that you are in Malta, the fabled lost city of Atlantis, the mythical place Odysseus spent years living with Calypso. This is Malta, where every day holds a new experience. Take a step forward…and another…you are drawn. Suddenly you hear drums in the distance…very faint at first, but certainly getting louder as you walk towards the sound. Around you, a pathway is created with hundreds of little candles, which seems to lead to an area in the sand. Your interest is piqued at this point and you cannot but follow the path. You realize the drumming is now getting louder. In the distance you can make out what looks like candles, but they seem to be moving and getting larger, getting closer to you. Suddenly, you realize that those people are fire jugglers, and close behind them were the drummers. The fire eaters ensued with giving a remarkable performance, all to the beat of the drums. “Merhba gewwa Malta!” And with that the drumming ceased.

“Merhba gewwa Malta” or “Welcome to Malta” is exactly what we here on the Maltese Islands want you to feel…welcome.

Just a stone’s throw away from continental Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Malta is well served by all major airlines, and the island of Gozo, Malta’s sister island, is easy to get to by Ferry, sailing past the virtually uninhabited island of Comino. There are various means of transport to choose from for a group of any size, from vintage buses or “karrozzini”(horse-driven cabs) to old time limousines or 4×4 jeeps. It is common for Conference & Incentive as well as other groups to cross between Malta and Gozo by speedboat, gullet or sailing boat, which makes the trip faster yet interesting.

With an extensive range of hotels giving you the convenience of staying in the same place as your event, state of the art communications facilities and support services, as well as a safe, crime-free environment, Malta & Gozo have everything to make your meeting, convention, incentive or other corporate event a success. Of course, should you wish, you could also opt for alternative accommodation, such as renovated, luxurious farmhouses or exquisite villas with pools, even lush cruiser yachts. The majority of international 5 star hotel chains are located in the St. Julians and Sliema area, with a couple more located outside the capital city, Valletta.

The island’s year round mild weather and its spectacular scenery of hills, valleys and crystal blue seas, the extensive history and distinct culture provide a perfect backdrop to an incentives programme, or a product launch, the perfect formula for a striking experience everyone will remember. Due to this clement weather, MICE group organisers need not worry what activity to choose. It is possible to organize sailing regattas practically all year round, transfers or open bar parties on Turkish Gullets, scuba diving for absolute beginners to well seasoned divers around various parts of the islands. Why not visit an agritourism estate and sample their produce, or try some local wine at a wine-tasting activity? How about trying your hand at preparing some local dishes, cooking in a traditional bakery either individually or against a competing team? When speaking of teams and team building, the islands also provide the ideal backdrop to a plethora of team building activities, such as games including archery, jousting, or becoming a CSI team and solving a murder, maybe in Valletta, using Segways. Being an island, team building games and other water activities are also possible in or by the sea, such as jet-skiing, building a boat or raft from cardboard, tape and plastic, a battle at sea between two ships – the Knights vs the Pirates….. The options are simply endless!

The privatized beach in the above opening scenario of a surprise dinner for an incentive group is just one of the plentiful sites we are proud to offer. Malta, with its ideal Mediterranean location has got enough good weather to share with all who visit us. With all this optimal weather, we are blessed to be able to have many outdoor sites and venues that are able to host groups from numbers in the single digits to a few thousand. Be it a location on a private beach, or beside a pool, in a transformed field, or inside centuries-old fortifications, the Maltese Islands have a venue that is just right for you.

But of course, Malta, being so rich in history, has got a plethora of outdoor as well as indoor venues. How about a Gala Dinner in a traditional village square, or a 17th century castello or at the majestic Sacra Infermeria, built by the Knights and a truly remarkable architectural gem in Valletta, overlooking the entrance of the breath-taking Grand Harbour.

Malta, and in particular Gozo, are islands that have immense natural beauty, and we do our bit to keep it that way. Conference & Incentive groups have the opportunity to take part in eco-friendly activities in Gozo, such as coastal clean-ups, tree planting or creating urban vegetable gardens which make Gozo a better place to live and work, by providing, opportunities for community building, chances to learn new skills, more green amenity space, better access to fresh food and more sustainable lifestyles. Groups also have the opportunity to leave an imprint on the islands. As an activity, it is also possible to help out in a children’s home by painting or doing other necessary maintenance work or helping out at an animal sanctuary. It is certain that after such activities, the island will leave an imprint on you too.

When it comes to cuisine, both Malta and Gozo stand tall and proud, flaunting their rustic traditions based on the seasons. Outside caterers will ensure the lunches or dinners are exceptional, whether they are served in historical venues or at out of the ordinary or off the beaten track, exclusive locations.

Breathtaking natural scenery, a coastline dotted with beaches, warm, hospitable people and a history that spans over 7,000 years, the Maltese Islands are eager to welcome you…

Why Malta?

Thanks to its idyllic geographical location, splendid weather and economic and political strength, Malta offers a plethora of advantages that are sure to be attractive, to any person or company looking for the ideal destination for their next event, meeting or conference.

Here are some top reasons why Malta should be at the top of the list as your next event destination:

·      It is situated within 3 hours flying range from Europe’s main capitals, is in the heart of the Mediterranean, and therefore also close to Tunisia and other North African countries.

·      Malta is part of Schengen Zone. This means that under the Schengen Agreement, people can move freely across the EU’s national borders without the need for separate visas or passport checks. Since Malta forms part of the European Union, our official currency is now the Euro.

·      Together with the Maltese language, English is an official language and the majority of the population also speaks Italian due to our proximity.

·      Malta has a Mediterranean Climate with mild winters and warm to hot summers, which prolongs the events seasonality with the possibility of having outdoor events practically all year round. On average, there are about 300 days of sunshine a year, just in case that wasn’t enough!

·      There are a number of International Hotel chains of high standards having a high percentage of sea view rooms.

·      Distances in Malta being very short due to its size, gives us the possibility to increase the versatility in the programme.

·      A wide spectrum of venues ranging from palaces to historical buildings can be used for any type of events being it a conference or a dinner.

·      Glorious Food is served by our restaurants and caterers, who are always eager to step up to the plate and dazzle you with their creations. Reflecting Maltese history, it shows strong Sicilian and English influences as well as influences from the  Spanish, French, Maghrebin, Provençal, and other Mediterranean cuisines.

·      Gozo, Malta’s sister island, is that type of place where you feel home and loved the second you step off the ferry. The captivating landscaping, the hospitality offered by the locals, the authentic farmhouses and the luxurious 5-star properties are just the tip of the iceberg when defining the beauty of such a hidden gem.

Reclamation of local VAT

The Maltese Government imposes VAT at a rate of 7% on accommodation and 18% on all other services, however, among the beneficiaries entitled for VAT refunds are foreign traders who organize ‘business-related’ conferences and seminars in Malta.
Following is a brief summary of the elements the Maltese Government is ready to consider refunds on VAT to companies holding their events in Malta:

·      Accommodation

·      Transfers airport/hotel/airport and hotel/conference venue/hotel

·      Food and drink in hotels which form part of an accommodation package

·      Food and drink during a conference such as coffee breaks, mineral water and lunches. Alcoholic beverages are only allowed in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Commissioner of VAT.

·      Hire of meeting/syndicate rooms

·      Hire of audio-visual or technical equipment related to the conference element of the program.

·      Security services in hotel/ conference venue.

·      Telephone and internet services

·      Electricity supply provided it is connected with the lighting of the conference venue.

·      Gifts and room drops with a value not exceeding € 45.00 per delegate for the duration of the event at the discretion of the Commissioner of VAT.

·      Day delegate packages – if integrated in one package consisting of items mentioned above but excluding non-refundable items such as dinners.

Expenditure consisting of entertainment, receptions, hospitality, food and beverage relating to hotel banqueting, outside catering, dinners, Gala evenings, activities, tours, guides etc is considered as ineligible for VAT refund.

Last but not least… there is us, your Petite Events team, who supported by our group of professional and experienced suppliers, are ready to help you anytime with any needs your event might require to make your event the memorable experience it is meant to be.