• Stryker

    Once all the delegates flew in to Malta from the four corners of the world, the group as a whole was ready to experience the main activities planned for them on Maltese Islands.

    This included a “Night at the Races”, where delegates could enjoy watching horse races, complete with tote tickets and fun money.

    The Gala Evening which took place at the imposing Mediterranean Conference Centre, started off with an awards ceremony and show for the most successful salespeople. The guests were then invited to make their ay to another part of the venue for their gala dinner, and following that, part of the venue transformed into a lounge area, complete with open bar and DJ.

    The next day, the delegates could choose which excursion, either Valletta or The Three Cities, to go on. Soon after, the group starting dissolving so as to take their respective flights home, keeping Malta in their heart.