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    On arrival, the group was eager to start their first activity in Malta. This was a Maltese cooking competition. The group was split into 4 teams, each with their own kitchenette and a Maltese recipe they had to create from the ingrediants found on their table. The teams put their heads together and produced surprisingly delicious dishes, supervised by the Chef Patron.

    During their stay in Malta, this group also visited Gozo, getting there by speedboat. While in Gozo, they explored the island by Jeep, and also had the opportunity to have a scuba diving experience, followed by an exquisite lunch on exclusive salt pans.  On the way back to their hotel in Malta, the group also had the opportunity to bathe in the crystal waters of the Blue Lagoon in Comino. Following a glorious Farewell dinner at the hotel, the group danced the night away at Club 22, one of the most prestigious venues on the island, where they had an area in the club exclusive for them, being the envy of all the other patrons at the club.

    The last day, the group visited the capital, and then proceeded to a fishing village in the south of Malta for a fish feast fit for a king. After lunch, the group was accompanied to the airport, taking away with them fond memories of the sunny island in the Mediterranean.