• Facts & Figures

    FACT FILE Location: 95 kms south of Sicily and 290 kms from the North African coast Structure: Archipelago comprising Malta (main island), as well as Gozo and Comino Malta: Length:  27.359 kms Width: 14.480 kms Gozo: Length: 14.484 kms Width: 7.242 kms Malta: Shoreline:  196.80 kms Gozo: Shoreline:  56.01 kms Total Land Area:  316 kms² Climate:  Mediterranean: mild winters and hot, dry summer Time zone:  GMT +1 Daylight Saving Time: +1 hr beginning last Sunday in March and ends last Sunday in October Capital City:  Valletta Population:  410,290* (as at end 2007) Language:   Maltese English is also recognised as an official language, Italian is widely spoken EU Member:   Since May 2004 Local currency:  Euro (adopted on 1st January 2008) Principal Religion:  Roman Catholic Other religious denominations are also represented with places of worship Head of State:  President – George Abela Head of Government:  Prime Minister – Dr Joseph Muscat Ruling Party:  Labour Party International dialing code:   +356 Internet:   Domain suffix for Malta is  .mt Weights & Measures:  Metric Electricity Supply:  Conforms to UK standards (230 volts AC, 50 Hz). UK style three-pin plugs and sockets are used. PUBLIC HOLIDAYS

    January 1st (New Year’s Day) February 10th (St Paul’s Shipwreck) March 19th (St Joseph) March 31st (Freedom Day) April 10th (Good Friday)May 1st (Worker’s Day) June 7th (Sette Giugno) June 29th (St Peter & St Paul) August 15th (Assumption) September 8th (Victory Day) September 21st (Independence Day) December 8th (Immaculate Conception) December 13th (Republic Day) December 25th (Christmas Day)